Smooth 2 
Capture the Moment

Connect your smartphone to SMOOTH 2 using a special designed multi-functional mobile APP via Bluetooth and now you can make all kinds of shooting controls of your smartphone camera thru the stabilizer, such as focal length change, front/rear camera switch, photo/video shooting, etc. To realize ideal shooting effect, users are also allowed to adjust various parameter settings in the mobile APP, such as ISO, exposure and white balance, etc.

Real-time Remote ControlAPP Control via Bluetooth

Cinematic Scenes Out of Your Life

Everyone can direct and record their own life scenes now with cinematic smoothness and quality by shooting with their smartphone on a SMOOTH 2. It not only keeps your camera still, but even cancels out shakes you make while moving.

Convenient Charging Anywhere Anytime

Ever troubled by power shortage when shooting photos or videos outdoor or while traveling? You can put your worries away now with SMOOTH 2. Designed with a Micro USB power input port on the side, it allows convenient direct charging from any fixed or portable power source via a USB port.

Freehand Creativities

Place SMOOTH 2 on a tripod, a suction cup or any fixed mounting base with a ¼” threaded screw, you can easily create stunning timelapse videos, creative motion streams and even capture fascinating star trails that are ready for share.

360° Unlimited Panning

Allowing 360° rotation along the pan axis, as well as free 2-way (horizontal & vertical) mobile mounting, SMOOTH 2 delivers incomparable flexibility and unparalleled smooth imaging & filming performance to support your unlimited imaginations. In addition, it helps user to further explore their creative potential using smartphone by integrating various smart functions, including ZHIYUN’s 3 classic gimbal control modes: PAN FOLLOWING, LOCKING, and FOLLOWING mode.

Zero Noise 3-Axis ControlGet Ready in 5 SecondsPortable with Prolonged RuntimeHigh-integrated Control Panel
Zero Noise 3-Axis Control

Empowered by ZHIYUN’s unique 3-axis stabilizing control system with highly integrated motor units and optimized Instune Algorithms, SMOOTH 2 literally realizes ZERO noise performance while still delivers excellent torque output for optimum shooting experiences.

Get Ready in 5 Seconds

Every control on SMOOTH 2 is made simple that it only takes 3 seconds to mount and secure your mobile on the spring clamp, and 1 second to start up.

Portable with Prolonged Runtime

SMOOTH 2 is made highly portable with its super compact & light weight construction. Powered by one single 18650 battery with up to 5 hours runtime, while allowing instant charging from any power source via USB port, you are free to stream any moment live around the globe.

High-integrated Control Panel

SMOOTH 2 has made various controls easy and convenient thru a 5-way joystick, power button and shifter lever all within reach of your finger tip on its high-integrated control panel, with which users can adjust camera shooting angles, switch gimbal control modes, make photo/video shooting commands and various other controls manually.

Tech Specs

Tech Specs.
Item Min. Standard Max. Remark
Operation Voltage 3.6V 4.3V
Operation Current 6000mA
Charging Voltage 5V
Charging Current 800mA
Following Deviation in Static State ±0.01° ±0.04°
Following Deviation in Motion State ±0.05° ±0.3°
Tilt Angle Range 320°
Roll Angle Range 270°
Pan Angle Range 360° Unlimited
Controllable Tilt Angle -135° +185°
Controllable Roll Angle -30° +30°
Controllable Pan Angle 360° Unlimited
Operation Temperature -10°C 25°C 45°C
Battery Runtime 5h 7h
Charging Time 4h
Valid Payload
Compatible Cameras Smartphones with size under 6.0"
Packing List
Item Qty.
Gimbal Stabilizer 1
Camera Protection Sticker for Pan Axis Motor 1
Counterweight 1
18650B Battery 1
Micro USB Cable 1
User Guide 1
Warranty Card 1
Company Contact Card 1
Packing Specifications
Item Dim./Weight Remark
Product Dimension 104*101*280mm W*D*H
Package Size 316*155*55mm L*W*H
Carton Size (Dedicated) 375*370*320mm L*W*H
Product Net Weight 400g/Unit
Gross Weight (including package) 925g/Unit
Packing Weight 11kg/Carton 10 Units/Carton